Wisdom begins in wonder. — Socrates


Riddle Gully Secrets Riddle Gully Runaway
Mystery at Riddle Gully Spider Lies
Riddle Gully Secrets

Pollo and Will find cunning crooks, buried booty and a family with a tangled secret past.
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Riddle Gully Runaway

With a thief on the loose, does Benson’s disappearing act make him victim or villain?
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Mystery at Riddle Gully

Strange things are happening in Riddle Gully and Pollo di Nozi smells a major scoop...
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Spider Lies

‘Arachnerd’ Connor finds himself enlisting NASA to avert a spidery catastrophe...
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Hi! My novels are fun, challenging adventure stories for the young (~7 to 13) and the young at heart. I’ve a PhD in Creative Writing and love exploring the wonders of words and imagination. Fossick here to learn more about my books, my workshops and how to reach me; also teaching notes, games and tips to kick-start writing. 🙂

What’s up?

  • The Between the Lines Literature Festival hits Busselton 23-25 March, and I’m excited to be in the line-up. In its second year, the event is hosted by Dymocks Busselton and St Mary MacKillop College, and promises to be a lively couple of days. I’ll be sharing insights into my Riddle Gully novels … and generally goofing about!
  • If you enjoyed the newspaper adaptation of Riddle Gully Secrets through Term 3 last year, consider checking out the ‘real deal’ novel (4 times the length = 4 x more fun!) via your local library, bookshop or e-book. 😉
  • Western Australian Young Readers’ Book Awards 2016: Although those rotters Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton with The 65-Storey Tree House conquered all in the end, Mystery at Riddle Gully made the Young Readers shortlist – and I’m tickled pink about that! Congratulations to all the category winners and other shortlistees.
  • With summer came the Queensland State Library’s Summer Reading Club: Heroes and Villains, of which Riddle Gully Secrets was part. Heroes and Villains ran in 1000+ libraries throughout Australia over the holidays, participants being part of a massive young reading community. Hope everyone had heaps of fun!
  • Thanks to the AWESOME International Arts Festival for Bright Young Things (October 2016). I was rapt to be part of this outstanding Perth festival again.
  • Royalties from the audio version of Mystery at Riddle Gully go the Association for the Blind. It’s available from The Guide Dog Shop (Call 08 9311 8202; Toll Free 1800 847 466)


Gooseberry Hill’s Room 13 maintain their secret identities with the first Riddle Gully Secrets installment in The West Australian.