Riddle Gully Secrets

Riddle Gully Secrets

Release date 1st June 2016 Pages 224
Publisher Fremantle Press Formats Paperback
B format (192mm x 128mm);         E-book
ISBN 9781925163957 (Pb)
RRP $14.99 PB Categories Fiction for middle readers
Fiction for younger readers

Dan called after her. ‘Do you know me? Do you know who I am?’ His voice was hopeful.
Ash stopped. ‘I know you’ve been telling lies and hiding things from your father, when many people would give anything to live as you do.’
‘No they wouldn’t,’ said Dan.
‘Well, I would,’ said Ash. ‘Living among the rocks and the trees, learning nature’s ways through the seasons, going to bed hearing the forest sounds …’
‘Do you know how noisy that can be? Especially when you’re by a creek. Those frogs! Gee willakers! You can’t hear yourself think!’
‘… looking up at the night sky without streetlights swamping the stars. That feeling of belonging to something powerful that will last forever, yet at the same time being totally insignificant in the universe …’
‘Who wants to be insignificant?’ said Dan. ‘I want to matter. I want to be in a town photo!’


Riddle Gully Secrets is an adventure filled with warmth and humour. Pollo and Will go deep into the forests outside Riddle Gully. They must spy on strangers, explore deep dark caves, hunt down lost treasure and tangle with baddies. With their new comrades, Ash Swift and Dan Whittle, they push their emotional and physical limits. But at the same time they learn respect for values and beliefs that differ from their own.

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